SÉRUM COLLAGEN - The new Sérum Collagen by Medelys has been specifically designed to help improve the appearance of the epidermis through precise stimulation of collagen and elastin regeneration while ensuring protection against the oxidizing aggressions of the environment on the skin.  Hydrating topical serum based on Hydrolyzed Collagen
Tones and improves the elasticity of the skin for a more youthful look - For all skin types

MEDELAID - Quick relief of joint pains and muscle aches - Menthol, MSM, Eucalyptus and Clove - External spray - Reduces inflammation - Relaxes the muscles. MEDELAID is a product for topical application, easy to use, for a fast relief of muscle and joint pain. Made from essential oils and highly concentrated in active ingredients, it helps relieve pain by its analgesic, calming and anti-inflammatory action.

IONIZED SILVER is biologically the most active and direct form for attacking germs. The silver ion will specifically and exclusively attack the cells of germs (bacteria, viruses,…). Moreover, there are no negative effects on human cells or animal cells.

FLOBAX COLLAGEN - Back and joints - Treatment of pain - Molecular complex of Hydrolyzed Collagen, Glucosamine, Chondroïtine, MSM and Botanical Extracts - Relieves joint and back pain - Treats inflammation of the joints - Repairs damaged articular tissues. Flobax is a molecular complex of multiple ingredients, based on collagen. Its unique formula, rich in active ingredients, provides many precursor nutrients of the joint and contains also a high concentration of MSM and powerful anti-inflammatory botanical extracts. The dosage of all these ingredients has been optimized to produce the most optimal effect on the joints. It is therefore an ideal combination to treat inflammation and deeply relieve damaged joints and back tissues.

NUTRA COLLAGEN + - Health and Beauty - Skin, joints, bones - Molecular complex of Hydrolyzed Collagen and Vitamins C and D - Tones skin and improves its elasticity - Moisturizes the dermis and stimulates skin regeneration - Helps reduce wrinkles - Repairs and strengthens joints, bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments. NUTRA COLLAGEN + is an optimized molecular complex based on collagen whose profile in peptides and amino acids stimulates the production of all types of collagen in the body. Its unique formula, rich in active ingredients, provides all the precursor nutrients of the connective and muscular tissues matrix. It is therefore an ideal combination for the prevention and treatment of damaged or aging skin and articular/muscular tissues.

SUPREME COLLAGEN + - Healthy joints - Pain treatment - Molecular complex of Hydrolyzed Collagen, Glucosamine, Chondroïtine and MSM - Relieves joint pain associated with osteoarthritis - Stimulates the formation of the collagen matrix (type I, II, III, IV, V…) in all tissues - Helps repair and regenerate damaged and worn articular tissues - Prevents premature degradation of the articulations - Maintains healthy bones, cartilage, ligaments, and tendons.  SUPREME COLLAGEN + is an optimized molecular complex based on collagen of multiple ingredients whose profile in peptides and amino acids stimulates the production of all types of collagen in the body. Its unique formula, rich in active ingredients, provides all the precursor nutrients of the joint. It is an ideal combination of ingredients working in synergy to relieve and deeply repair damaged joints on a long term basis.

Krilex is a natural health product made integrally of lyophilized whole krill offered encapsulated. Offered in capsules of plant origin, Krilex assures maximal biodisponibility. Krill is a zooplankton found at the basis of the marine food chain. It constitutes a primary resource of substances with high value for general health. From Norwegian origin, the word krill stands for a group of zooplanktons composed of many species of small marine crustaceans.

Velvet Life Gel is an advanced system to deliver beneficial therapeutic substances to target painful areas. Velvet Life Gel is unique on the market today. Unlike many pharmaceutical products that offer only symptomatic relief, Vie de velours Gel directly combats connective tissue breakdown by aiding normal repair and regeneration of cartilage, ligaments and tendons, not only reducing pain and inflammation. It also improves connective tissue elasticity and cushioning. Velvet Life Gel is recommended for immediate relief of acute and chronic muscle, tendon, or joint pain as well as for prevention of tissue aging and breakdown.

Velvet life mega-joints - Specially conceived product based on six nutritive and therapeutic elements to give maximum short-term effect during a period of crisis. These six elements have been carefully chosen from animal, vegetable and mineral sources. MEGA-JOINTS, truly a natural treasure due to its anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties, helps to regenerate tissue damaged by chronic or sharp pain. Designed as an optimal short-term treatment (2 to 5 months), it is recommended to follow up with pure velvet antler capsules to ensure a therapeutic maintenance.

Velvet Life - Pure Elk - Velvet Antler - High quality product containing 40 nutritive elements supporting the regeneration of tissue damaged by abnormal wear or accident, causing severe pain. Supports vitality and health at all levels: muscular, skeletal, joint, blood and hormonal. Can be taken daily without danger.