More than just a probiotic!

Bioflor7 is the only probiotic that utilizes a unique biphase delivery system that separates the 5 lyophilized probiotic strains & b complex from the other ingredients in the liquid. once the strains are released into the liquid, they become active.

Synbiotics - Bioflor7 includes 2 prebiotics (arabinogalactans, beta d glucan) & aloe vera, which feeds the live cells, increasing their survival rate dramatically.

once ingested as a liquid, it has the ability to bypass the gastric system by essentially tricking the stomach - hence preventing digestive acids & enzymes from forming as it would when ingesting solids such as capsules.

Worth noting about capsules: most commercially used probiotic strains struggle to survive in an acidic environment - including some enteric or acid resistant capsules just because the stomach will ultimately attempt to break it down.  The purpose of probiotics is to survive their journey towards the small & large intestines where their mission is to ultimately nest & proliferate/grow.  Without the sybiotic relationship with prebiotics, the chances of survival are significantly lower.

Bioflor7 has 5 bioactive live strains including Bacillus Coagulans - a spore forming strain that comes with many clinical studies relating to IBS, Crohns, Eczema & many more digestive/immune disorders.  Also the most heat & acidic resistant strain on the market.

  • all bioflor7 strains are non-transient & considered gram-positive making them the most resistant to acid & heat.

what else is bioflor7 good for? Convenient 7 day program!

7 days of antibiotics + 7 days of bioflor7 & your ready to go back into your normal routine.

travel friendly!  7 day vacation / cruise + 7 days of bioflor7 & your chances of contracting traveler's diarrhea goes down dramatically.  Take one vial per day while away & consider yourself protected.

bioflor7 "Liquid" probiotic means fast-acting! Works very fast for issues such as intestinal discomfort & pain, diarrhea, indigestion & gas.  In many cases it relieves abdominal pain within minutes.

convenient 7 day maintenance program & forget about taking capsules every day.


Healthy testosterone levels influence a broad range of men’s health goals, from maintaining healthy sexual function to supporting optimal athletic performance.

The maintenance of healthy sexual function is a top health goal for at least 20 million men in the U.S. and Canada alone.

Unlike pharmaceutical medications, T8 is an All-Natural herbal supplement made from the extraction of vital properties from the Fenugreek – Trigonella foenum-graecum seed, enriched in 20% Protodioscin and was proven to be safe and effective in attenuating testosterone levels, sperm profile, mental alertness, and overall performance.

T8 is not synthetic Testosterone, but helps by activating the body’s own testosterone building process.

The results obtained from T8 are gradual, safer and longer-lasting than other products that may contain controversial herbal vasodilators.*


    Maintain healthy sexual function and libido and promote healthy testosterone levels

    Help maintain overall energy and vitality*

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