The Black Oxygen (formerly goldenmoor) Story

Nature’s Vision is honored to bring forth this opportunity. Black Oxygen Moor Mud (formerly Golden Moor) was founded by Marc Saint-Onge, recognized author, orthotherapist, entrepreneur and expert herbalist. Saint-Onge has dedicated over 25 years to the research and development of science-based products for the natural health industry.

In 1987 Saint-Onge discovered a bog in Casselman, Ontario of higher quality than any moor used elsewhere in the world due to its’ high levels of humic acids (34%).  The Black Oxygen Moor Mud source is one of the rarest of the world that has not been tampered by man or contaminated by modern day pollution. Furthermore it is preserved by Canadian government laws.

The Black Oxygen Moor mud is extracted during the winter months at a depth of 5 to 15 meters under the frozen surface where the thermal current circulates constantly. The most important characteristics of the moor mud is that it is hydrosoluble, liposoluble, holds a high level of humic acid, salicylates, phytohormones, and a 5.5 pH balance.  After extraction the moor mud is verified and analyzed by a third party independent laboratory to ensure quality and equilibrium in its therapeutic values.

Today, Black Oxygen Moor Miud exports to 17 countries, including Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore and has captured 80 per cent of the Canadian spa market. We are excited to be entering the Canadian natural health retail market. The demand for higher quality of life, the increase in stress and an aging population brings the birth of a new global approach to health care with more emphasis on natural treatments and home access.

 Humic and Fulvic Acid Health Benefits

As we age, many facets of the body's chemical equilibrium become unbalanced. Humic substances help maintain this chemical equilibrium in the body, creating "homeostasis." This makes Humic and Fulvic Acid a superior anti-aging and rejuvenation formula. When humic acid is consumed by any life form, increased energy is among the first signs to show up, followed by an improvement in morale! Other effects include decreasing appetite, deeper, better-quality sleep, and lessening of pain and debility from chronic or physical injuries.

Humic acid is a complex mixture of organic compounds, which has shown properties that are a great benefit in the regeneration of new skin cells. Simply put, the humic acid molecule penetrates the skin, is easily absorbed and acts as an effective delivery system to carry nutrients to regenerate new skin cells and provide the following benefits at the cellular level:

·         Protect the skin from harmful FREE RADICALS-ANTI-OXIDANTS- for diminished signs of aging;

·         Reduce redness and puffiness -ANTI-INFLAMMATORY- for a clear complexion;

·         Regenerate skin cells -NUTRIENT DELIVERY SYSTEM- reclaim youthful radiance;

·         Repair damaged skin -ORGANIC NUTRIENTS- for plump, smooth and softer skin;

·          Draw out toxins and impurities -ASTRINGENT- deep cleanse pores for acne-free skin.

"New" Black Oxygen Organics Caps

It is with great pleasure & excitement that I, Marc Saint-Onge, introduce the launch of our new Black Oxygen Cap.  This concept is now adding a fortified & functional aspect, FULVIC ACID, to the bottle water industry, creating more value to your customers.

As you may know, for several years my company has been in the process of gaining the ability to publicly communicate the overwhelming health benefits of this powerful ingredient from Mother Earth provides.

After 5 years of trials, extensive research & substantial evidence, we are proud to announce that Health Canada has recognized & approved our product FULVIC ACID as an effective antioxidant & multi mineral providing the added benefits of electrolytes.

Our Health Canada approved NPN number (80063624) now enables you to recommend with great approval, the most powerful antioxidant to your customers & clients ensuring them proper mineral & electrolyte intake.

Our uniqueness is in the delivery system.  We have formulated a liquid formula that inserted into a 5cc – 28mm cap that fits on to the majority of commercial water bottles in the market place.  The cap is simply clipped on the bottle, press & enjoy.  The FULVIC ACID is instantly delivered into the water.

Another advantage to this delivery system is the fact that the FULVIC ACID, being carbon, will now bind to the hydrogen molecules of the water & create oxygen.  This means the user will experience more energy, reduce their acidity & all without the use of caffeine or sugars.  This is a tremendous advantage when you need a boost of energy during the day.

Aside from this, our scientific research confirms the following benefits of having FULVIC ACID as part of your daily supplement regime:

  1. Anti-inflammatory

  2. Cell regenerator

  3. Hormone balancer

  4. Heavy metal chelator

  5. Adaptogen